History and elegance merge in each corner of our masseria.

The walls and floor stones speak about medieval craftsmen who used to knit, the rooms remind us of princes and princesses from the 1800 and of their parties: everything is beauty, relevance, hospitality. Hospitality marked by vaulted ceilings and “Leccese” stone, centuries-old olive trees and smell of Ionian Sea. A new way to perceive luxury that results in simplicity, quiet, unspoiled nature.

Here you can breathe the most authentic Puglia, where time passes slowly, the Scirocco wind blows among green and silver leaves and the gardens are full of aromatic plants. A place where hospitality is made of extreme care in each detail.

We are located four km away from the white beaches of Porto Cesareo, a lovely fishing village where typical restaurants, artisan shops and the arbour are a must. As well as the beauties in Lecce, with its baroque architecture, that is only ten km away from our resort.

For your relaxing moments you can choose to stay here and enjoy our swimming pools and the cafe’ surrounded by olive trees and all the other facilities that are here for you. You will feel at home and in a special place at the same time. Maybe our Apulian hospitality is “just” this.

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